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Mediconsult is a Nordic high-quality eHealth solutions provider for healthcare and social care organizations in private and public sectors.

Our solutions include mHealth and Digital Services for healthcare, social care and elderly care. We also provide a digital self-care solution for 2 million people with estimated benefits of €30 million yearly. Our customer base covers organizations in both the private and public sectors, from private practices to entire hospital districts. Our data systems are utilised by doctors, nurses, and self-managing customers in social and health care.

We aim to offer the best IT solutions for social care and healthcare.

We develop our products continuously to provide our customers with solutions that are cost-efficient and easy to use, increase competitiveness and customer commitment, and offer true value for the customer. Our solutions have a proven track record of streamlining patient processes securely and cost-efficiently. Our solutions enable mobility for the customer and the professional saving 35% of work time in our customer organizations. Our solutions are developed together with our customers, in full compliance with national specifications and regulations.

High quality standards are something we pride ourselves in.

The cornerstone of our operations is high quality and the continuous improvement of our processes. Strong data security is part of the quality system and an integral part of operations and solution development.
Mediconsult and all its products and services have been certified in compliance with the ISO 13485:2016 standard. Our solutions have the CE marking in accordance with the directive on medical equipment.

We stay one step ahead for you.

We actively participate in international and national technology and health projects. This is how we can make a difference at the forefront of development and support our customers even in the face of major changes. We have been among the pioneers to carry out Siun sote, the first social and healthcare area in Finland carried out in accordance with the new health, social services and regional government reform. It combines the social and health services and special healthcare for 14 municipalities under the same roof.
Mediconsult was selected to carry out the technical implementation in the joint ODA-project involving 14 different municipalities and hospital districts. The aim of the ODA project is to construct a total national and digital service concept to support self-care and self-management for 2 million people.

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