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A National Symptom Assessment Questionnaire launched to identify and treat citizens infected by the novel coronavirus

Mediconsult - 17/03/2020

The Finnish citizens' self-care portal Omaolo has launched a National Symptom Assessment Questionnaire for COVID-19 to identify coronavirus infections and provide recommendations based on national guidelines.

If you suspect you are infected by the COVID-19 coronavirus, you can complete the Symptom Assessment Questionnaire in Finnish or Swedish by visiting the site:

The Questionnaire enables all residents of Finland to obtain reliable and regularly updated information on the COVID-19 coronavirus. The recommendations given by the Questionnaire are national, enriched with local treatment information. Recommendations in the Questionnaire are updated as they change.

The National Symptom Assessment Questionnaire for COVID-19 shortens queues at call centers, healthcare centers, and emergency wards. The Questionnaire reduces the workload of the professionals, enabling care to those who need it most.

The Coronavirus Symptom Assessment Questionnaire can be used to e.g, identify citizens with severe symptoms, give guidelines for home quarantine, and guide citizens with moderate symptoms to participate in a telephone evaluation. The Symptom Assessment Questionnaire provides reliable and regularly updated information also to those who are not infected.

The content and logic behind the Symptom Assessments are done by SoteDigi Ltd and Duodecim Publishing Company Ltd, together with The Finnish institute for health and welfare (THL). Mediconsult Ltd and Solita Ltd have been responsible for the technical design and implementation of the Omaolo-service since it's development started in December 2016.

Omaolo is a digital service channel for social care and healthcare developed jointly with 14 municipalities and healthcare districts. The service is expanding into new areas, with new features continuously developed. Omaolo supports self-care by Symptom Assessment Questionnaires, directing citizens to appropriate care if needed.

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