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Blog & News

A National Symptom Assessment Questionnaire launched to identify and treat citizens infected by the novel coronavirus

The Finnish citizens' self-care portal Omaolo has launched a National Symptom Assessment Questionnaire for COVID-19 to identify coronavirus infections and provide recommendations based on national...

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Mediconsult developing new digital social and healthcare services for the public sector

Public social and healthcare services took a significant digital step forward in early spring this year, when the digital Omaolo service was introduced.

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Primary Health Care from home – Omaolo Digital Services currently in production

The first production version of the Omaolo service was released on 6 February 2019. Mediconsult Oy and Solita Oy are acting in co-operation for the implementation of the service.

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Developing future self-care for 2 million people: Mediconsult chosen to carry out technical implementation for ODA

Mediconsult was chosen to carry out the technical implementation in the joint ODA (Digital Self-care services) project involving 14 different municipalities and hospital districts. The aim of the ODA...

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