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Mediconsult to support homecare of City of Helsinki

Mediconsult - 07/06/2019

Mediconsult was chosen to carry out an optimizing program for the Social Services and Health Care Division of City of Helsinki in order to support homecare.

City of Helsinki organized a tendering to find a program for planning the most suitable routing and resources and time management for service quality, employees’ proficient working and well-being.

The system will be used by 100-200 work planners/organizers. The optimizing will be carried out for the needs of 1800 nurses.

Delivery project of optimizing and ERP system started in March.

Aiming to live at home with quality

The City of Helsinki aims to improve the operations of homecare, the customer service quality and wellbeing of employees.

An optimally designed daily worklist frees time for interacting with the customer and increases employee satisfaction. The system enables the same nurse for the same customers which makes the customer feel safer. It is also easier to nurse a familiar customer.

Mediconsult’s optimizing solution takes care of automatic resource planning, service timings according to customer needs and the available resources as efficiently as possible.

Optimizing program to be a part of Apotti system

When Apotti system is implemented to Helsinki homecare, the optimizing program will be integrated to it. The information of nurses and customer visits are automatically transferred to the optimizing program and the optimized routes will be transferred to Apotti through interface.

Safe living at home

Homecare services support a customer living at home with those daily activities that the customer can’t take care of themselves. Homecare produces the care services for elderly and over 18-year-old disabled so that living at home is safe also with lower ability to function.

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